Moving Target Challenge

Interoperable electronic health records (EHR) are inevitable. EHR will include patient’s entire medical histories, pharmacy, vision, laboratory tests and all other clinical information. Dentistry is not exempted from this near future. Though the transition is inevitable, these statements strike fear, concern and anger in even the most progressive practices. EHR will be the most dramatic change in your dental practice in the next five years. Change is not coming; change is here. And it is a moving target.

Gone forever are the ready-aim-fire days of studying everything for months/years before acting. Ready, fire, aim is not fundamentally haphazard or undisciplined, as it might sound and as many might think. It’s just the opposite. We need to leave old approaches behind if we’re to deliver real value. And we'd better do it sooner rather than later if we're going to keep ahead in a fast-changing game. Everyone knowing their role on a smart progressive team is the best way to hit the right moving targets.

I ask my CPR participant this simple question: How do you know when CPR is successful? The responses are feeling a heartbeat and breathing or when the EMT’s arrive. Yet the answer is much simpler. It is that you do something. The same holds true in our swiftly moving EHR world, success happens to those that go for it. Ready-shoot-aim.

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