Creating a New Normal in Dentistry

“…. utilization of dental care is declining among working-age adults, particularly the young and the poor, and that this trend is unrelated to the recent economic downturn.” - A Profession in Transition. ADA February 2014 (

The good old days of dentistry are gone. There is a new normal in dental spending, demand for services as well as practice earnings. Patients are demanding greater value for their healthcare investments. The challenge for even the most progressive practices is the confusion around codes, coverage and fees. These three are closely related yet not the same. Getting clear on the relationship of these three can help you shape your practice for the future. Looking at the mix of preventive procedures offered with an eye on the codes and fees can create new economic realities and value for our savvy dental care consumers. Dental practices have little influence on contractual choices that determine coverage. Practices can have accurate coverage information by choosing new innovative connections. It’s time to accept the past is gone and create a new normal.

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