Disrupting Your Cycle of Negativity and Choosing to Enjoy Your Job by DCM Michelle Barrios, RDH

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Disrupting Your Cycle of Negativity and Choosing to Enjoy Your Job by DCM Michelle Barrios, RDH 

Have you ever looked around your treatment room and realized you have spent multiple years in the same office and the time flew by.

The pregnant patient you saw on your first day, is telling you her daughter will be starting Middle School. In that moment, you reflect on all the patients you have seen over the years.

As you reflect, you feel discontent and disconnection. You realize work, has turned into a part of your day that you try to get through. Before you can reflect too long, your office manager lets you know your next patient is here and you are out of your thoughts, into someone’s mouth and the cycle continues. 

Cycles can be broken. Be disruptive! Like Taylor Swift says, "Shake it off!" or like I say, "Shake it up!" Find ways to create a work environment that you enjoy. Do this for you! 

Let’s discuss ways to enjoy work again. When life moves as fast as it does, what gets lost in the shuffle? I would stand to say gratitude. Start with reflection. Allow some reflective time. Make a list of things you enjoy at your job.

John C Maxwell has said, "Reflective thinking turns experience into insight." We need these moments. In our rushed busy work days and all the directions we get pulled in, life whether it’s taking care of children or aging patients, when do we have time? The simplest answer is, you will have to MAKE the time and WITHOUT excuses. 

Let’s explore 5 simple ways to enjoy work again and  discuss the excuses we make that are holding us back. 

  1. Go in early one day a week and set up your trays or pre-pack your goody bags.You don’t get paid for that? Okay, understood. A little preparation goes a long way. The ease and flow of your day are worth it. 
  2. Bring a home-cooked meal in for your co-workers. The negative Nancy in the office said she can’t eat it because she doesn’t like one of the ingredients you cooked with. Don’t focus on her. Your other co-workers appreciate the gesture and you.
  3. Take CE courses and stay current on trends. You feel this should be something the office does, not just you, so what’s the point?  Start the trend. Don’t wait for others, act now! Learning new things, stimulates the mind.  Don’t be a puppet on a string. Knowledge is power.  Break those strings and embrace and elevate your value!
  4. Boost the morale among the team by putting sticky notes inside the cabinets with funny sayings. Don’t forget the doctors in your office as well. When am I going to get a sticky note? Why does it always have to be me making the effort? Remember, the best give is one where you're not expecting a return. 
  5. You are excited about the new 4346 code but your office manager doesn’t want to implement it because insurance doesn’t cover it. Create a PowerPoint and ask to have a lunchtime meeting. Present to your team what you have learned about the code. Feeling uncomfortable? You don’t like public speaking?  Do it anyway! Maya Angelou said when you know better you do better. Don’t allow what your office manager doesn’t know, turn into you resenting her.  

Let’s face it,  if you are full time, you spend more time with your work family then your own family. Creating a work environment where you feel engaged and bonded will allow you to have more reflection and gratitude. 

Enjoying work will spill over into other parts of your life. You deserve to be happy and sometimes that means a change in office but most times, it just means a shift in perspective.

Your co-workers may be in a negative cycle too. Be the change you want to be and for them to see!

About the Author: Michelle  Barrios, RDH currently balances a career in clinical and non-clinical settings. Her passion is to be a lifelong learner and to share her love of learning with her two daughters.  Contact Michelle at Michele2RDH@gmail.com.

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