Happy Birthday, G-Code!

CDT D4346 Was Supposed to be a Game-Changer. 
How's That Going for You?

Where does the time go? It's been two years since CDT code D4346 was put into service. This was the code so many of us were waiting for! 

In fact, Patti DiGangi frequently made the following statement in her lectures and articles:

 “We finally have an insurance code to treat gingivitis, that will complement the long-standing code for the diagnosis of gingivitis. Imagine, getting reimbursed for treating the problem you discovered!”

D4346 was designated for scaling in the presence of generalized moderate or severe gingival inflammation – full mouth, after oral evaluation.

That was a good thing, right? Yet despite the initial buzz, the wide-spread adoption of this critically-important code has been plagued with inertia, apathy and confusion. 

 This is very unfortunate. D4346 should have been a game-changer for several reasons:

  • D4346 finally classified gingivitis as a disease that requires treatment
  • The CDC estimates that 64.7 million American adults have moderate or severe bone loss periodontitis
  • Of these, more than 50% are being treated under D1110/D1120 prophylaxis codes
  • Because D4346 does not have age limitations, it is applicable for the treatment of children
  • It helps support the oral-systemic health concept

So, let's be honest. Has D4346 been a game-changer for you, your practice and your patients, the way that it should have been?

If not, we'd like to re-introduce a book that is also two years old - A Gingivitis Code Finally!

Use this code: D4346B-Day when you order your copy of A Gingivitis Code Finally before December 20, 2018 to SAVE 50%, and you'll also receive a FREE COPY of  D4346 Focus Points.


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