The Medicare Mastermind Session with Guest Jan Palmer, FAADOM


On Wednesday September 8 at 7-m central, Jan Palmer will lead out monthly Mastermind on Medicare and dentistry Over the years, Jan has developed strategies designed to connect the essential services patients require to well-deserved insurance reimbursement.

She works with offices from all over the country to establish functional and sustainable billing protocols for sleep apnea procedures. She trains on proper medical documentation and the break-down of policies for Medicare and private insurances.

Jan has established highly effective processes and implemented them at the highest level. She has saved patients tens of thousands of dollars and most importantly, helped offices across the county do the same.

She is also the author of "Oral Health and the Oral Physician, The Secrets of Medicare and Dentistry". During this Mastermind Session, Jan will be discussing the highlights of her book and taking a closer look at Medicare and how it pertains to the dental office.

For example, the responsibilities of the dentist include understanding medical necessity, justification of medical necessity, diagnosing conditions and what is and what is not in the scope of the dental license. 

She will also explain how to write an effective and concise  "Twitter style" medical note, how to evaluate metrics and answer the age-old question, "What's in it for me?"

Look for your individual Evite next week for what promises
to be an enlightening Mastermind Session!

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