[DCM] CDT 2018 Shift Metrics Driven eBook

[DCM] CDT 2018 Shift Metrics Driven eBook

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The CDT Code changes every year for many reasons, including technology or materials that have led to new procedures, or the need to improve clarity and accuracy of already existing codes. Patti reviews the new, updated, and deleted code changes for 2018! 

This book contains:

  • Substantive Changes CDT 2018
  • CDT Shifts 2014-2017
  • SOAP documentation
  • Writing Twitter-style Dental-Medical with samples

Featuring: 2018 Updated Periodontal Protocols

 If you think you already know the right codes, you might not be coding the most effectively. This resource keeps you the most up-to-date. 

2021 Update: Dentalcodeology products are now only available as digital eBooks